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Established in 1997, Ana is the UK's leading regional business directory and centre. As a not-for profit business support organisation, it helps companies to expand their market and improve their efficiency and competitiveness.

Based in England's South East, it was originally set up by a group of large companies to help smaller firms make use of new and improved technologies.

Now, Ana works with public and private sector organisations throughout the world (including Directgov, Business Link and Euro Centres), offering a comprehensive range of support services and giving companies access to unparalleled expertise in the fields of trade promotion and Technology Transfer.

Can Hypnosis help you live longer?

One of the largest misconceptions that I have encountered in the general publics perception of Hypnosis is that, not everyone can experience Hypnosis. This is just simply false as it is a scientific fact that on a day to day basis we all enter a level of trance and that it is a natural part of our lives. This is mainly why we can pick up bad and unappealing habits with ease. And this is also why that with a little bit of direction and understanding we can use the natural process of Hypnosis to unravel these unwanted additions to our behaviours.

Can Hypnosis help you live longer?


A Diet For Life

A really important thing to remember when you're thinking about the food you eat is that it is diets which are healthy or unhealthy, not individual foods. A healthy diet is not just about eating 'good' foods and completely cutting out 'bad' foods - all foods have some merits in certain circumstances, depending on your individual needs. The thing to do is look at the whole diet and see where you can make the most beneficial changes. In this way you don't have to completely change the way you eat and small changes could seriously improve your health. More.

Care about Teeth’s

Dental health is a very essential feature which must be paid proper awareness. Taking care of your teeth not only make sure great smile but also assure overall health and gives you extra confidence. There are several things which you require to keep in knowledge in order to remain secure from dental problems. There are many easy & quick dental tips by which we can safe our teeth’s by infections or any disease related with teeth like: Read more.